Yes! We understand that there may be some emergencies that could be risky for you. This is why we are always ready to go when you call us. We also take shifts during festive periods as there are many cases of being locked out of the house and other lock mishaps. Even in the middle of the night, we can come down to anywhere in Brooklyn to help you sort out any ley and lock-related issue as long as you are comfortable with it.

At MY local Locksmith, we can rekey the locks for you so that one key will unlock all the doors.

When we change the locks, we take the latch, strike, knob, lock, and install a new lock on the door. If we rekey the lock, we simply staking the present lock cylinder and replacing it so that the present key will not work. This will allow a new key to go through to unlock the door. Most times, you would want to rekey your locks, not to change them.

This is the best form of action if you are renting an apartment. But you should speak to the property manager or the landlord at the last time the locks were changed or rekeyed. Oftentimes, the owners could be unsure of the answer; you should then inform them of your plans of rekeying it. Since it is a rented apartment, you need to seek their approval before we can rekey the lock.

We have trained professionals that are subtle in their approach. WE assure you that you will be able to use that lock since we remove the damaged key. If the key gets stuck, I have techniques of removing the other parts without damaging the lock. If it is your ignition or the door lock, we have ways of carefully removing any bent or damaged key stuck inside.

Interestingly, master keys can only open locks that were made to accept them. So, the answer will be no.

We advise that you do not buy the locks unless you have prior experience in locksmith services. One of the reasons we tell people not to buy from the hardware store is the poor quality some of the locks can be in. Also, it may not fit the door in your house or, worse, still have a different keyway from other doors on your property. We at NY local Locksmith understand that everyone has a budget they are working with; therefore, we will ensure that all our services meet your needs.

This depends on the position you occupy on the property. If you are the landlord and property manager, master rekeying will be useful for you. Master rekeying is a term that describes the use of one master key that allows entry to every unit. This means you can have one key that accesses every door to floor 1, another key that has entry to floor 2, and so on in a situation where there are ten rooms on one floor with five floors in the building. It could be difficult carrying all those keys about. But having only five keys to access different units will be the best option.

First, try not to panic. Now that is out of the way; you should contact your car dealer. If that is to no avail, then contact us. Right there where your car is parked, we can make a new key for you. If your key has a chip embedded, we can program a new one and erase the previous one from your security immobilizer system. NY Local locksmiths can also help to rekey the ignition lock.

It is better to call us at any time of the day than to have to watch as they tow your car away. We can extract the key from the door lock, ignition, and even any other property type. It saves time and money.

No! Allow us to save you from that hassle. First, we will help you save money and time. At NY local Locksmith, we can duplicate even any high-tech key, no matter the kind of car you drive. It will amaze you that we would have more experience in these high-tech keys than your dealer.

This depends on where you are located in Brooklyn, but generally, it will take us 20 – 30 minutes to get to your location. If it is not an emergency, you can call us to arrange a time; we can come to fix any lock and key issues.

Yes, we can! We add a professional touch no matter the damage on the door lock. We can assure you of safety and security once we fix the locks. We have a variety of locks and tools that our technicians equip themselves with, so we can complete the job right there. We would hate to keep you waiting.

We will call back to give you the full details of the technician wearing out. We understand that during emergencies, it is difficult to trust.

No, we do not, although we can give a quote based on the description you give us. But from experience, it is best to come to see the issue for ourselves.

Depending on your preference, we take cash or card payments. We will provide you with the receipt once we have completed the job.