Commercial Locksmith

At NY Local Locksmith, we understand that your business is your priority. Hence, we make it ours too. Our technicians provide quality commercial locksmith service that is durable and secures the properties of our customers. Many companies trust us with the safety and security of their employees, goods, products, and other valuables. You can trust us too.

NY Local Locksmith specialized in intriguing commercial outfits to state-of-the-art security systems that are long-lasting for their business. We offer updated locks and key systems that prevent any form of burglary or intrusion by unknown parties.

There is a wide range of services that our team renders in terms of commercial Locksmith. We pride ourselves on setting high standards for all commercial locksmith projects we take in.

Alarm Lock

Safeguarding the products, equipment, and people in a commercial building can be tasking. However, we offer premium alarm lock installations that prevent intruders. We adopt a unique alarm lock system that denies any intruder access into the building. NY Locks Locksmith also warns the people in the building of any issues or attempts to break in.

Card Access and Keypads

Some organizations prefer the sophisticated lock for their establishment. This is no problem as we can install card access and keypads for the building. If there is an issue with an already existing access card lock system, we can fix it. It doesn’t matter if we did not install it initially. Our team of experts is proficient in recognizing the defects of a card access system and repairing the faults.

School Security

Regardless of your school’s situation, we can ensure the teachers’ and the students’ safety by providing an updated lock system that prevents intruders from coming into the school. We also put locks on the windows of the school. If there are worn-out keys and door locks in the school, call on us. We can replace them as soon as possible.

Sliding Glass Doors

We also offer sliding glass door solutions for companies and other commercial outfits. At NY Locksmith, we ensure that the locks and keys work perfectly if you have a sliding glass door. We inspect all the sliding glass doors for any establishment. We maintain these doors and update their locks to prevent any form of burglary.

Metal Doors

Do you have a store, and you are worried about the security of your products? You don’t need to anymore.

We provide metal door security systems for our clients. We secure the products and other items in the store. Once you close for the day, you are assured of meeting the store the same way you left it. You can call us today to help fix any metal door lock issue.


You may be having trouble with the padlocks in your office. Maybe the key gets stuck in the padlock’s mouth. We can help you save money on buying new padlocks and other security lock systems. Let us remove the jammed key and solve other key and lock issues related to your business today.

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