High Security Locks

Some people may get tired of standard locks or they may feel it is not secure enough. No matter the reason for choosing high security locks, NY Locks Locksmith can help you install them.

We use heavy metals in installing the high security locks because it is harder to penetrate. Our high security locks can withstand forces of different nature. You will be amazed at the threshold that the metal we use can hold. In the event of burglars ranking into the locks or using sledgehammers to try to force their way through, these and more efforts will prove to be fertile with our unique metal composition of High-security locks.

Furthermore, we have steel bolts for the high-security locks to prevent a sudden bending and snapping of the bolt after being hit.

NY Local Locksmith has professionals that help to increase the complexity of the lock cylinder. With the measure, it is difficult for burglars to pick the lock. We ensure that the lock cylinder Is difficult for anyone other than our customers to maneuver.

Drill protection is one of the perks you get from employing NY Local Locksmith to install the High-security locks in your property. We ensure that the locks we install are resistant to any form of drilling, with metal pins placed strategically to disrupt any drilling process.

We understand the plight of home and business owners with complaints about missing keys and allowing duplicate keys. However, our high-security locks have an embedded restricted keyway that halts any unrecognized duplication. This means if the key was not duplicated with our consent, it could not penetrate. Former employees cannot copy the lock signature as our patent keyway system is unique.

We ensure that you give us a written consent to duplicate the keys to preventing any issue in the future.  We can also customize the high-security locks to fit your family and business needs. If you are looking to secure a different area of the new property, NY local Locksmith’s professionals can customize each lock for those particular areas.

An amazing feature which we provide for our clients is the lock reset. This means you don’t need to worry about replacing the locks when the keys go missing. You can simply reset the keys, even master keys.

For Business owners looking for security for their properties and the enterprise itself, you can set alarms with our high-security locks. You can use your smartphone to lock and unlock the doors that we install for you. NY Local Locksmith strives to ensure your convenience and security. Once someone tries to tamper with the lock, you get a notification on your device.

Imagine coming to work and feeling safe from the morning you step in till you leave the office. No matter the type of area, High-security locks can give you peace of mind.

Do you need better protection of your properties at home and the office? NY Local Locksmith can ensure you find the best security solution that caters to your needs and is affordable. We have a range of services and different types of locks that will match what you have always envisioned when it comes to the safety of your household and business.