Residential Locksmith

Keeping you and your family safe is our priority at NY Local locksmith. We stand on ensuring the security of everyone and anything in your house log remains secure. With our team of trained professionals, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to high security locks. At NY Local Locksmith, we provide families with updated lock systems that ensure a great day and a good night’s rest.

Regardless of your home’s size and architectural design, we can provide top quality security lock systems for the doors, windows, safe, and other areas of the house.

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Quality Rekeying services

There aren’t many sweeter feelings than moving to a new house. However, you may not know who else has the keys to the house you are currently moving into. To prevent an unfortunate occurrence of intrusion into your new home, you can call us for rekeying.  Our technicians simply change the thinning of the current lock, which renders the old keys ineffective. We will provide you with new keys that fit the current features of eth loc. The great thing about our service is we do not break the lock or change it. Therefore, you save money when you call us for rekeying.

Lock Repair

Sometimes, rekeying might not be the solution to the door or window woes. What you need could be lock repair or change of the lock system entirely. Our technicians can deduce the best option depending on the state of the lock. We can also update each lock in the house. We understand that families may have little ones. This is why our technicians ensure safe locks all around the house. Green Locks and Key scan install an entirely new lock system for your liking.

Smart Locks

You might not like the sound of keys jingling in your pocket each time you get to the front door. Getting a smart lock that uses codes to access can be a better option. However, finding a company skilled in such a residential lock system can be difficult. Thankfully, NY Local locksmith offers a wide variety of smart locks for your homes. We offer secure alternatives for high security locks that are best suited for your home. Your convenience is what we look out for.

Emergency Residential Locksmith

Unfortunately, there may be instances where you get locked out of the house. It could be at an odd hour with viable means of getting back into the house. You Can call us to help you gain access to the house.

If you misplace your keys, we can reproduce the key that was given to you. We also ensure that the rock is intact in case the key is jammed. We understand that your key could be worn out, thus making it hard to turn. No worries, we can remove the key essay without affecting the lock system.

At NY Local Locksmith, we take pride in knowing that you are safe and secure. No matter the situation or the cause, we can get the locks fixed in no time.

Call us today and enjoy a peaceful home.  Contact us today (718) 280-1519 or [email protected]